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Fun and Exciting Dance Classes for Adults in Mississauga


If you’re interested in trying something new, why not learn a new dance move? At Arthur Murray® Franchised Dance Studios, we offer group classes that will teach beginners the fundamentals in a fun and relaxed setting. Our adult dance school in Mississauga is well equipped to help you learn some of the most basic and complex dances around. 


Our instructors are carefully selected and trained so you have the finest dancing instruction. We offer daily group classes in a variety of dances from the salsa to the jitterbug. We provide private lessons so you can get one-on-one experience with different dances, and we hold weekly practice parties where you can dance with instructors and students in a relaxed environment. Our adult dance school focuses on dances that specialize in technique, and we can provide the same level of instruction as any other dance school program.


Conveniently Location

Our adult dance school is conveniently located in the heart of Mississauga. There are several nearby bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that are perfect for relaxing after a long day or for testing out your new dance moves. We have a large ballroom to host our classes. There are mirrors on the walls to help make instruction easier, so you can see your instructor no matter where you are in the room.


6-Step Beginner & Advanced Dance Program
Visit us for a full dance experience. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from the beginning of your dance career until you are an advanced dancer. Arthur Murray® Franchised Dance Studios offers a 6-step dance program designed to make you feel comfortable and engaged no matter how skilled you are at dancing. Whether you come to us a complete beginner or someone who knows a few moves, we can lead you from the start of your program to your end goal, whatever that may be. Our program’s steps include: 

  • Introductory Program
  • Social Ease Program
  • Associate Bronze Program
  • Full Bronze Program
  • Silver Program
  • Gold Program

This 6-step program is perfect for committed clients and has helped us create long-lasting customers. Our levels of learning, and your ability to advance from one level to another, allow you to achieve your dancing goals.

Benefits of Taking Dance Classes 
Dancing is a very social activity, and learning to dance through our programs can help you break out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Learning how to dance will allow you to:

  • Increased poise
  • More confidence
  • Improved personality
  • New friends

Dancing is also a very physical activity. With our 6-step program you will be able to physically condition yourself and become more fit in a fun environment. Instead of going on a grueling run or lifting heavy weights that can cause injuries, learning to dance will help you be healthy without having to work at it.


Who Can Join
Anyone who has an interest in dancing is welcome to join our dance classes in Mississauga. Some of our clients decided to join because they needed a break from the office, while others signed up on a whim. And while many of our clients come in without much in the way of dance skills, they always leave knowing more. At times the process can be tough, but you will always rise up and reach a new level of skill.

If you were a child dancer or have years of experience already under your belt, we’re still the perfect dance school for you! Our advanced dance classes will provide you with a refresher and allow you to get the dust off your dancing shoes. Our skilled instructors will even be able to teach you something new! Call us today to sign up for program or learn more about our adult dance classes in Mississauga.


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